Osmaston Park Wedding Photos | Lucinda + Ryan

Osmaston Park wedding photos

Osmaston Park Wedding Photos at sunset by the lake

Lucinda & Ryan’s wedding

Lucinda booked her Osmaston Park wedding photography with us way way back in October 2014 and it’s one we’ve been looking forward to, one because Lucinda has always been so lovely on the lead up but also because we love Osmaston Park. Then we found out Geoff from Our Wedding Videographers would be there too, along with The Red Olive, Ash from GC Events and Cathy from Riverbank Floristry – the wedding dream team!!

The wedding day

The weather was beautiful – well mostly! There were a couple of spells of crazy rain and heavy hail but it didn’t last for too long and when it really mattered the sun came out. Lucinda got ready at her parents house along with her bridesmaids and then headed to their village church in Allestree. A big red routemaster bus collected all the guests from the church and just as everyone arrived there was a huge hailstorm – it made for a few interesting photos even if I did get soaked in the process!! After a slightly nervous wait, wondering if the rain was ever going to stop before diner, the sun finally came out and we managed to get outside for a few family photos and a wander around the beautiful grounds of Osmaston Park before dinner serves by the fabulous Red Olive.

Osmaston Park grounds

After dinner the weather had really perked up and we were able to make the most of the grounds at Osmaston Park, the marquee sits where the mansion house once stood, so there are gorgeous walled terraces with water features and stoned paths surrounded by the spring daffodils and the view over the lake is spectacular. After lots of  funny & emotional speeches we whisked Lucinda & Ryan away briefly and headed down to the water mill and the lake for some evening photos in the gorgeous soft evening light!

It was a great day at Osmaston we had a great time with Lucinda & Ryan – all the best guys! Can’t wait to see the video too!

Here are a few of our favourites!!

Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0001 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0002 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0003 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0004 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0005 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0006 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0007 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0009 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0008 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0010 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0011 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0012 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0013 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0014 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0015 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0016 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0017 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0018 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0019 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0020 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0021 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0022 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0023 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0024 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0025 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0026 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0027 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0028 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0029 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0030 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0031 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0032 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0033 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0034 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0035 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0036 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0037 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0038 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0039 Osmaston_Park_Wedding_Photos_Derbyshire_0040


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