Nottingham Engagement shoot | Brett & Amy

Nottingham Engagement photoshoot

Brett and Amy's engagemet photos in Nottingham


Meet Brett and Amy – Not only are they a great couple together, but they’re also so lovely.  They were pretty awesome at having their photo taken for their engagement shoot in sunny Nottingham too!

We met in Nottingham City Centre, bright and early on a Sunday morning before the world was awake and we had a wander around, picking out some cool locations for their engagement pictures as a practice before their wedding in September.

We always love the city early in the morning – everything is so peaceful and there’s something pretty cool about wandering around a city when its empty knowing that in a few hours it’s going to completely change.  There are always so many cool places to shoot too – lots of dark alleyways, rusty old shutter doors and shop windows. Even people’s front door-steps come in handy  – we were waiting for someone to open their door in their dressing gown to collect their paper only to find Brett and Any sitting there – hehe!

Here are a few of our favourites!


couple hugging and laughing in a blue shirt an engaged couple stood inn an alley way in nottinham Engaged couple holding hands on their Nottingham Engagement guy in black sunglasses hugging his girlfriend black and white picture with an engagement couple stood by a black wall engaged couple in black sunglasses smiling at each other engagement photos around Nottingham City centerfor their engagement black and white couple laughing in Nottingham Nottingham Engagement photos couple looking down smiling in nottingham engaged couple in Nottingham city center engaged couple looking at each other in front of a blue door couple smiling at each other in the streets of Nottingham for their engagement the groom sat by the robin hood statue an engaged couple stood by the robin hood statue in Nottingham for their engagement engaged couple in Nottingham black and white photos in nottingham on an engagement shoot


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