Sarah & Petes wedding photos at Crewe Hall

Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0027

Wedding photos at Crewe Hall in Cheshire

Pete & Sarah

We first met Sarah and Pete at her sister Aimee’s wedding a couple of years ago, so it was lovey to be asked back to photograph this wedding as we knew all the family would be lovey to work with again!

Such a beautiful venue too – Crewe Hall is full of character – a 400 year old Jacobean mansion set in the heart of beautiful Cheshire with so many little places we could have used for photos. We met Sarah upstairs getting ready in the bridal suite with a big four poster bed and separate living room with lots of space and light for the hair and makeup ladies to work their magic.

Pete got ready, at the other end of the hotel and my assistant, Alex, followed him around for a while before heading upstairs for the ceremony. This is where things got interesting – Sarah had booked a surprise for her mum and dad that literally know one but us knew about, so we had to keep our big gobs shut all morning about it and not let the surprise out of the bag! She’d arranged to go for a ride in “The Italian Job’s” mini’s as a bit of fun to start the day off before the ceremony so it was great to see the smiles as three awesome red, white & blue Minis rocked up.

After the ceremony Pete and the bridesmaids and groomsmen got his chance for a ride out in them too, as well as a well meaning hotel guest kindly offering his Rolls Royce that just happened to be there while the wedding was going on! So, after a super quick photo session, it was time for some food and speeches. We could see the light was fading fast we took the opportunity to do a couple of quick photos just before speeches and let Sarah and Pete have a bit of fresh air before the onslaught of not one, but 2 best men speeches!

So dinner done, speeches done, it was time to for everyone to relax, have a drink and wait for the first dance, with a couple of addition evening photos thrown in too 🙂

We had such a great day and it was lovely to see lots of the friends and family again!

Here’s a few of our favourites from the day…

Sara & Pete's wedding photos at Crewe Hall Cheshire Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0002 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0003 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0004 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0005 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0006 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0007 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0008 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0009 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0010 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0011 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0012 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0013 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0014 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0015 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0016 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0017 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0018 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0019 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0020 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0021 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0022 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0023 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0024 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0025 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0026 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0027 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0028 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0029 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0030 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0031 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0032 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0033 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0034 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0035 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0036 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0037 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0038 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0039 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0040 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0041 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0042 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0043 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0044 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0045 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0046 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0047 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0048 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0049 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0050 Sarah & Pete's-wedding-photos-at-Crewe-Hall-by-hba-photography_0051

Photography – HBA Photography

Videographer – Our Wedding Videographers

Venue – Crewe Hall

Dress –  called Zia
Shoes –
Hair –
Make up. Bronze and Beautyful on Facebook and Twitter
Suits –
Cake – Made by bride’s friend Julie Kysh
Minis –
Flowers –
Band –  Band were called Audio Wave
Stationary all done by bride’s parents
Favours were cadburys chocolate and fortune cookies!
Decor was done by myself
Cupcakes – Cupcake creations by Amy on Facebook
Post box –
Rings –
Nails –