The Pickering Family Photos


Say hello to Sian, David and baby Joe.

With his big beautiful eyes, Joe’s already a little heartbreaker at just 11 days old.

We photographed Sian and Davids wedding a few years a go, so it was great to see them again for a maternity “bump” shoot, and then of course, the best moment of all, being able to meet little Joe!

He wriggled around a lot and wasn’t too happy being photographed on our bean bag, all he wanted was lots of cuddles – so we changed plan a little and I just had Sian and David hang out at home with him, cuddleing and feeding him lots to keep him nice and happy, and then, as if by magic, David re-appeared at the end of the shoot, with a beaming smile on his face, super proud as he’s finally managed to get Joe to fall asleep on him – Great daddy work David!!!

Here are a few of our favourites…
sian-and-davids-family-photos-in-derbyshire_0002 sian-and-davids-family-photos-in-derbyshire_0003 sian-and-davids-family-photos-in-derbyshire_0004 sian-and-davids-family-photos-in-derbyshire_0005 sian-and-davids-family-photos-in-derbyshire_0006 sian-and-davids-family-photos-in-derbyshire_0007 sian-and-davids-family-photos-in-derbyshire_0008 sian-and-davids-family-photos-in-derbyshire_0009