The Hanson’s family photos

The Hanson Family

Meet Diane, Bob, Louise, Matt, Tracy, Andrew and baby Jenson… The Hanson family! One of the nicest families we’ve met – It’s so lovely to see that they all get on well and can have fun together

It was Diane and Bob’s anniversary recently and they ere bought this photo-shoot as a present … So we picked a Sunday when we could all get together and went for a little wander around Ilam Hall in Derbyshire with a picnic for a few relaxed photos.

As we arrived it chucked it down with rain…. Not the best start for a picnic, but it wouldn’t be the great British summer if it didn’t rain a little, right? Thankfully it stopped for a while so we could grab a few photos, but just as soon as we got going, it rained again – So, a quick change of plan and a dash into the trees for some cover while the shower passed, a few photos in the trees. Thankfully it didn’t last long and we could get the frisbee and picnic out.

Everyone was so lovely on the day and we got a nice relaxed shots of everyone just being themselves  – much nicer than being in a sterile studio 🙂

Here are a few of our favourites!

The_Hanson_family_photos_in_Derbyshire 001 The_Hanson_family_photos_in_Derbyshire 002 The_Hanson_family_photos_in_Derbyshire 005 The_Hanson_family_photos_in_Derbyshire 006 The_Hanson_family_photos_in_Derbyshire 007 The_Hanson_family_photos_in_Derbyshire 009 The_Hanson_family_photos_in_Derbyshire 011 The_Hanson_family_photos_in_Derbyshire 012 The_Hanson_family_photos_in_Derbyshire 013 The_Hanson_family_photos_in_Derbyshire 014 The_Hanson_family_photos_in_Derbyshire 015 The_Hanson_family_photos_in_Derbyshire 016  The_Hanson_family_photos_in_Derbyshire 019 The_Hanson_family_photos_in_Derbyshire 020 The_Hanson_family_photos_in_Derbyshire 021 The_Hanson_family_photos_in_Derbyshire 022 The_Hanson_family_photos_in_Derbyshire 023 The_Hanson_family_photos_in_Derbyshire 026 The_Hanson_family_photos_in_Derbyshire 027 The_Hanson_family_photos_in_Derbyshire 028 The_Hanson_family_photos_in_Derbyshire 029 The_Hanson_family_photos_in_Derbyshire 030 The_Hanson_family_photos_in_Derbyshire 031 The_Hanson_family_photos_in_Derbyshire 033 The_Hanson_family_photos_in_Derbyshire 034 The_Hanson_family_photos_in_Derbyshire 035 The_Hanson_family_photos_in_Derbyshire 036 The_Hanson_family_photos_in_Derbyshire 038