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Derbyshire wedding photographers capturing a bride and groom with their bridal party using sparklers and smoke bombs at Prestwold Hall

OK, ok……so…….we suck at writing!


I wish we could say what we want to say in one dramatic, super cool, snappy paragraph – but we’re way better at the pictures than the words. Yes, technically, we’re Derbyshire Wedding Photographers as that’s where we hail from, but we’re way more than that. Storytelling and emotive, kick-ass imagery is what we do best, so we’ll stick to that. By now, you’ve probably seen a stack of wedding photography websites and are surely bored of hearing the same slightly sickly BULL S**t over and over again!! It seems everyone has won some awards and travelled for destination weddings, doesn’t it? And, yep we have too. We’ve won some incredible awards and photographed some amazing weddings abroad, but we’ll move away from the salesy vomit and talk about what’s really important to us! 😂 So we’re simply going to say this…

We’re Hannah and Ben. At home, we’re husband and wife, currently trying to convert a haybarn into a house. Currently, we live in a weird shed with our two dogs and we are trying to make the very best of our life! At work, we’re your creative wedding photographers. In between, we’re happy to be your wedding planner, sounding board and more importantly, your pizza-eating buddy. Oh yeah, I also make kitchen knives as a sideline hustle – See here

Ultimately, we are good people with a great work ethos!! I work hard to create beautiful portraits and emotive moments between you & your tribe of friends and Han is so busy balancing her new career and being super organized making wedding plans for you guys. We get stuck in on the dance floor and we have stacks of experience having photographed over 700 weddings. PLUS, I promise….. no-one will look after you better, both on the day, in the lead-up and in the weeks after (when you’ve got the post-honeymoon moody blues). How often have you booked a service and then felt underwhelmed – well, not here.

You’re not just a date in our diary. This is your wedding. You’re only gonna do it once so you deserve something awesome! We’d love to grab a coffee, mainly because coffee is life, but also because we wanna meet you guys and hear all about your plans and find out what got you this far…

We’re so excited you’re here. We want to give you everything we’ve got! The rest is down to you…

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Want your mind blown?

One of our photography idols recently said to us;
“We’re the lucky ones”. And OMG, they’re sooooo right.
Yes, we have the most awesome job in the world, but it’s deeper than that. Now consider this… (we’re going to geek out for a second)

Out of the 7.3 billion people on Earth, only one of them is you. One of them is also your other half. For now, ignore the mind-blowing series of evolutionary events that created us…we’ll keep it simple. Your parents had to be in the right place at the right time, fall in love with the one person on the planet best suited for them. That’s just the start. To then go on to conceive you (don’t think too much about that part!!) and then have the right combination of DNA that makes you, you. Not a slightly different version of you, like your sibling, but you. The probability of that is 1 in 400,000,000,000,000,000.

Want your mind blown even more…? Stick with me. Consider this; Those odds need to happen every generation for both you and your partner, all the way back until you reach the beginning of your timeline as a single-celled organism… The probability of that happening comes out at about 1 /10 2,685,000, or 1 in 10 followed by 2.68million zeros.
Then, factor in the series of events that led to you guys to even meeting, never mind falling in love – The chances of building to this very moment are inconceivable. Wrap your head around that for a minute. Too geeky?

So when we say we want to be there to photograph that very unique moment when you say ‘I Do’ and leave you with memories that document the start of something uniquely special, we REALLY mean it.

That’s mad, right!? #mindblown

Recent Photos

Our home and work base is Derbyshire and we love it here – It’s the perfect location from which to travel across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world, documenting destination weddings, connection shoots, elopements and civil partnerships. We’ve captured over 700 couples together on their wedding days and have no intention of slowing down anytime soon. In fact, the more we photograph, the more passionate we get. We can’t wait to tell your story!!

We update our blog every few days and is a great way to see what we’re shooting at the moment so go and check out some of our latest weddings:

Not to mention our latest amazing wedding at The West Mill – One of the most sought after venues in Derbyshire, possibly the UK.

Iceland Adventure: Did you see Will and Ali’s sexy, intimate, adventurous connection photoshoot in IcelandCheck it out here!

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Hannah and Ben, Derbyshire wedding photographers, stood next to each other against a dark brick wall. Ben wearing a blue suit, and Hannah wearing a polkadot dress with pink shoes

We want to hear more!

We want to be your Derbyshire Wedding photographers. We’d love to grab a coffee, mainly because coffee is life, but also because we wanna meet you guys and hear all about your plans and find out what got you this far…
We’re so excited you’re here & we want to give you everything we’ve got!

…The rest is down to you.

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