An alternative indie rock wedding at Shustoke Barn

An alternative indie rock wedding at Shustoke Barn

alternative indie rock wedding at shustoke barns warwickshire


An alternative indie rock wedding at Shustoke Barn

Aaaaahhhh, Leanne and Wayne!! What can I say about these two, other than they’re friggin’ awesome!!! Honestly, we had the most fun ever at their wedding – Food, tequila, indie rock, smoke bombs, sparklers, dirty dancing, a tongue in the ear….. Everything we LOVE about weddings. Oh yeah, some amazing people to hang out with too!

We joined Leanne and her girls in the morning at a stunning country house – The High House. It was like something out of Cribs (but with a load more class!) – It was amazing. They’d hired it for the weekend and watching Leanne and Wayne’s Insta stories after the wedding, it was the perfect after party hang out!!

With everyone ready and Leanne looking stunning in her dress, we headed off to Shustoke Barn to see what Wayne was getting up to. It’s safe to say he was super chilled out, just hanging with his mates, waiting for everything to get started. Soon it did. Leanne arrived in the classic cars, had her interview with the registrars and before we knew it, she was wandering down the aisle giving a reciprocayed middle finger to her waiting husband-to-be! Lol 😂

Now married, it was time to get the party started. After their car ride, they opened a bottle of champagne, drank lots of it (no glasses needed!!) and had an awesome time with their friends and family. Times flies at weddings and before we knew it it was time to head inside for dinner and some hilarious speeches and a pretty cool rap from their bridesmaids!

Now, with all the formalities out of the way, we could PARRRRTTTYYY!!!! Tequila slammers had been flowing throughout dinner and everyone was primed to have an epically good evening!! It didn’t disappoint – Everyone hit the dancefloor hard and we totally got in there to capture the vibe!

Thanks for such a great day guys. You totally know how to party and we loved every second of it!!

Here’s a little preview while we work on your full gallery – Turn it up LOUD, hit full screen, and enjoy!!


Shustoke Barn alternative wedding photos in Warwickshire. Ben and Hannah are multi-award winning, husband and wife Derbyshire Wedding Photographers. Ben loves travelling throughout the UK for weddings and abroad for destination weddings. Meeting new people every day as we go is awesome! If you’ve seen us at a recent wedding and have a friend that’s getting married, we’d love you to recommend us! 🙂

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