1920’s Prohibition wedding at The West Mill | Renna + Ben

1920’s Prohibition Wedding at The West Mill in Derbyshire

the bride and groom stood in darkness with an orange light at the west mill in Derbyshire

Welcome to 2018 – Our first wedding of the season!

There’s nothing we love more than the promise of an awesome wedding party…. Ben + Renna didn’t disappoint.

First, let’s take a few steps backwards. We first met Renna and Ben in real life on their super cool and very chilly city engagement shoot. However, we feel like we’ve known these two for ages. It’s no secret that we like a stalker on Facebook and Instagram (go on…give us a cheeky follow!) and Renna has been there with us on Instagram since the day she booked. We love it!

However, meeting them both on their pre-wedding shoot re-affirmed our love for these two – we got on really well and we knew from that moment their wedding was going to be a blast!

So, for our first wedding of 2018, it was only fitting that we start off at The West Mill – An amazing wedding venue that those of you who follow us know we love. Everyone always has an amazing day there and it’s such a cool building to photograph in!

We started the day off in the centre of Derby where the girls had literally taken over the hotel lounge as none of the rooms were big enough to accommodate 9 bridesmaids, 2 mums, 3 hairdressers and 2 makeup artists!!!  When we walked in at 9 am, the party had already started. There was singing, dancing, eating, drinking and even a little twerking going on – At that point I turned to my assistant, Noemi and said: “I told you it was going to be a good day!”.

With the girls almost ready, they headed off to The West Mill to finished their preparations. At that point, we went to find Ben to see what he was up to. It was a little bit more sedate in his room, having not slept much the night before because of someone else’s party happening on the floor above!!! Still the lads all rallied and they were soon in fine form!

West Mill wedding ceremony

With everyone ready, we all assembled at The West Mill and with 130 guests all ready and waiting, Renna made her stunning entrance to one of my favourite Disney songs, ‘Tale as old as time” from Beauty and the Beast. Watching Ben well up with tears as Renna walked down the aisle looking a million dollars with her very proud dad on her arm truly made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. Their day was finally here, all building up to this very moment. The most important moment these two will ever have in their lives and it was beautiful.

It was like watching two friends get married – I laughed with them, cried with them and felt a real sense of ‘being there’ in the moment along with everyone else. What more can I say….!

Party time

Finally married, we all headed downstairs in the hope that the rain had stopped. Well, I’m afraid it hadn’t, but that didn’t stop Renna who really wanted to a nice confetti photo outside, so we braved the weather for a few minutes, threw some confetti and dashed back inside again for the champagne to start flowing, and boy did it flow. With over 100 bottles to get through, it got everyone well and truly oiled and in the mood for a party!!

With photos done, speeches out of the way and dinner eaten, we could start the evening and get this Arabic party happening and everyone could let their hair down. We partied on into the night and I think I eventually put my camera to bed at about 11:45 pm!

Such a great day – Guys, you have awesome friends, a lovely family and it was a pleasure to hang out with you both for the day! Here’s a few of our favourites from the day, but be sure to click through to the Full Gallery to see the rest! 😀

The bride getting ready the bridesmaids having a dance the groom getting ready the groom ironing the groom the groom in the mirror a photo of the bride and groom the groom doing his tie the father of the bride looking at his cufflinks the father of the bride the west mill from across the river LOVE letters the bride reading her letter from the groom the bride and her bridesmaids hugging father of the bride laughing a wedding guest reading the order of service w edding guest waiting for the ceremony the bride's dress the bride with tears in her eyes the bride seeing her dad the bride hugging her dad the bridesmaids seeing the bride the bride and her reflection the bride and her dad walking into the ceremony the groom in tears as he sees his bride for the first time the bride and her dad the ceremony the bride cheering during the ceremony father of the bride crying during the ceremony the wedding ceremony the first kiss wedding guests taking photos the bride the bride & groom walking back down the aisle weddins guests enjoying a drink wedding guests taking selfies wedding guests laughing the bride walking down the stairs the bride & groom getting covered in confetti champagne being poured wedding guests wedding guests wedding guests the bridesmaids doing a cheers! a baby at the wedding the bride and bridesmaids upstiars the groom and his men the groom the bride & groom in silhouette the bride & groom the bride & groom the river at the west mill wedding guests laughing a wedding guests the bride & groom walking by the river the bride's veil the bride's hand wedding speeches father of the bride cheering! outrageous moments during the speeches! Wedding guests dancing the band Wedding guests dancing Wedding guests dancing the bride and groom outside with sparklers bride and groom outside Wedding guests dancing the bride dancing Wedding guests dancing father of the bride dancing a bit of arabic dancing Wedding guests dancing Wedding guests dancing Wedding guests dancing Wedding guests dancing The bride and groom in the lights on the top floor of the west mill


Click to view the full gallery of wedding photosHere’s a little video preview we made of the day…


The West Mill wedding photos in Derbyshire. Ben and Hannah are multi-award winning, husband and wife Derbyshire Wedding Photographers. Ben loves travelling throughout the UK for weddings and abroad for destination weddings. Meeting new people every day as we go is awesome! If you’ve seen us at a recent wedding and have a friend that’s getting married, we’d love you to recommend us! See more of our West Mill Wedding Photos on our Blog here 🙂

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