Peak Edge Hotel Wedding | Emma & Chris

The Peak Edge Hotel wedding photos

the bride and groom stood against a brick wall at The Peak Edge Hotel in Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Wedding at The Peak Edge

Chris & Emma’s wedding saw us travelling deep into the Derbyshire countryside for a Wedding at The Peak Edge, just outside Chesterfield. This was definitely the #wedding of the year, with lots of hilarious hashtags being bounded around… The only one you need to remember is #peakedgetaylors – That’s the guise that these two awesome people hang out under!

We joined Emma and her bridesmaids in the bridal suite where she was having her hair and makeup done by the fantastic girls at Bridal Creative. The first thing I noticed when I walked into the room was their family dog, sat there on his cool blanket, just watching what was going on. Any wedding where there’s a dog involved for the day is a wedding that I want to be at!! #weddingdog maybe? Lol

So many laughs – it was such a nice, relaxed morning and Emma was ready with loads of time to spare – just how a wedding morning should be!

The Wedding Ceremony

Meanwhile, Chris was wandering around downstairs greeting guests as they arrived. After a lovely ceremony, we headed into the bar area for some drinks and then outside for photos, just before it rained…again! It had been raining all night so the ground was pretty wet everywhere, but Emma and Chris, being the awesome pair that they are, didn’t seem to mind and we headed for a walk anyway!

After dinner and speeches, we’d planned to head outside to do a few more portraits. The weather, however, had some different ideas. It’s was windy and raining… The perfect kryptonite to any photography plans, but Emma and Chris said a big ‘screw you’ to the weather and came outside anyway. Umbrella in hand, we braved the storm and headed to the bridge. Unfortunately, the umbrella fell casualty to the wind and turned itself inside out in a true comedy cartoon fashion. That was our indication that the weather might be getting the better of us!

Still, it didn’t dampen spirits (#cheesypun) – We geared up for the first dance and a get time was had by all.

This is what weddings are all about – the weather isn’t always kind to you and sometimes other things try to stop you having a great time. However, Emma and Chris didn’t let it and totally rocked their wedding as a result – amazing guys!!

Thanks for coming out in the rain. Thanks for totally trusting me and thanks for being awesome!!
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Here’s a slideshow of a few of our favourites – Turn it up and enjoy!! 🙂


The Peak Edge hotel wedding photos in the peak district, Derbyshire. Ben and Hannah are multi-award winning, husband and wife Derbyshire Wedding Photographers. Ben loves travelling throughout the UK for weddings and abroad for destination weddings. Meeting new people every day as we go is awesome! If you’ve seen us at a recent wedding and have a friend that’s getting married, we’d love you to recommend us! 🙂

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