Swancar Farm wedding – Hollie & Cam

Swancar Farm wedding photos

the bride and groom stood together with a blue sky behind them

Swancar Farm wedding

Say hello to Hollie & Cam – two VERY awesome people!!!

Hollie and Cam chose to get married at the beautiful Swancar Farm Country House in Nottinghamshire. An amazing venue in the rolling hills of the Nottingham countryside. With beautiful views, a lovely barn for the wedding breakfast and a courtyard to hang out in with a glass of prosecco in the sun. It’s perfect.

Unusually, we joined the guys for groom preps instead of bridal preps and it was a right laugh. The guys all wandering around trying to decide whose suit was whose and Cam having a minor panic looking for his missing shirt – the usual!! Guys are all the same! However, that all said, they were ready in record time and all smartly dressed, ready to greet their guests.

An Emotional Day

Hollie’s Dad, John said that he wanted to arrive feeling like Sir Alan Sugar, so he hired an amazing Rolls Royce so they could arrive in style. It was the first time we’d properly met Hollie and to see her poke her head out of the car window with a big beaming smile on her face, looking all gorgeous was awesome – we knew straight away that we were going to have a great day!

What we didn’t account for was all the emotions that were to come throughout the day. We often expect mum or dad to shed a tear at some point, but throughout the ceremony, I don’t think there was a single person that didn’t well up a little bit – it was lovely!! It didn’t stop there either – As Hollie’s Dad promised to look after Cam as a son during the speeches, I think that was the moment that we all cried!! Truly lovely, genuine emotion, and it’s the best thing to see in the world. That’s what weddings are all about – families coming together to support each other through the tough times and the happy times. Amazing. We love you guys!

A great venue, amazing family and friend and a perfect couple – what more could we ask for!!! Here’s just a few of our favourites from the day…. be sure to click through to the Full Gallery at the bottom of the page 🙂


the groom arriving at Swancar Farm the groom in the mirror the groom and his groomsmen getting ready the groom doing his tie the groom's shoes the groom in his suit the bride's dad with a tear in his eye the groom crying while waiting for bride the bride seeing her groom for the first time the bride and groom the family holding hands during the ceremony Swancar Farm wedding the bride & groom first kiss the bride & groom walking down the aisle together the bride & groom gretting guests the bride and her nan the bride & groom getting covered in confetti the groom & his men the bride and her bridesmaids Swancar Farm wedding the bride & groom walking down the driveway the bride & groom kissing the bride & groom in some gorgeous light the bride & groom through the veil the bride & groom inside the bride & groom greeting guests the bride the bride & groom in silhouette the wedding cake

wedding speeches wedding speeches everyone laughing at wedding speeches wedding speeches wedding speeches

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