The West Mill wedding photos | Hilary & Owain

West Mill wedding photo of the bride and groom stood in orange lights

West Mill wedding photo of the bride and groom stood in orange lightsThe West Mill wedding photos

West Mill wedding photo of the bride and groom stood in orange lights

The West Mill wedding photos

Meet Hilary & Owain – A super cool couple from London, full of fun and laughter.  Their wedding was at the awesome West Mill Wedding Venue in Derby. If you don’t know this venue, you need to google it. It’s one of Derby’s coolest new wedding venues and without a doubt one of our favourites!!

We first met Hilary over a cuppa here in Doveridge. We loved hearing all about plans for what was to be an amazing wedding day and we weren’t disappointed. With Hilary being musical, we knew that there would be lots of music and cool things happening throughout the day! More about that later…

So, it’s always nice to get to know our couples a little bit, so we organised an engagement shoot to give us chance to have a chat, take some photos and for Owain to get used to being in front of a camera. Hilary, being the superstar singer that she is, is well used to being photographed, but for Owain, it was not such a common occurrence. However, after just a few minutes of taking photos, he was nice and relaxed, flashing those baby blue eyes and generally looking pretty damn awesome in camera – We knew the wedding day was going to be easy! 🙂

The wedding day

So, the wedding day – we started at Hilary’s parent’s house in Yoxall. We arrived to find Hilary and her girls making scrambled eggs to start the day off. All washed down with a little bit of champagne (supplied by Dad Robert) while everyone was having their hair and makeup done (the girls, that is, not Robert!).

With Hilary living in London, it was awesome to have her makeup artist, the fabulous Amy-Louise, travel up from the city. She did and amazing job – Hilary looked gorgeous!

With hair and makeup finished it was time to head down the road to St. Peters church in the village for the ceremony. We’re always slightly nervous going into churches as you never quite know whether the vicar will let you photograph. Sometimes you can go wherever you like, which is great. Other times we’re not even allowed into the church!  It was a lovely surprise that Revd. Hawksworth was happy for us to photograph the ceremony from the front – the best place to see all the action.

We love our job!

It’s awesome and a privilege to see weddings from a perspective that no one else gets to see – I’m there, right at the front watching Owain get more and more nervous waiting for his bride. I get to see the look of pride as Dad hands his daughter over to another man to look after, and I get to see that moment when Hilary gets to see Owain for the first time that day in all his glory looking dashing in his velvet blue dinner jacket. What an awesome job I have – I love it!!!

What makes my job even better is getting swept away in the emotion of the ceremony when something special happens. I found myself getting teared up watching Hilary shed a tear with happiness as her best friends beautifully sang ‘Make me a channel of your peace’ as a blessing during the ceremony. Then stood there with a camera to my face with a massive smile watching how excited Hilary was to see her girls, The Pocket Belles entertain the congregation during the singing of the register. That’s why I love my job – I get to see everyone at one of the happiest times of their lives – Amazing!!

Anyway, enough about how much this wedding reminded me of how much I love my job.  After the ceremony, we headed outside to spend 10 minutes taking family photographs in the last bit of daylight before we heading back to The West Mill for the reception.

The West Mill Wedding reception

We arrived in the dark, which would freak out most photographers – I love it! I love being able to get a bit more atmospheric and cosy, photographing people in the twilight. It also helps when you’ve got a venue that looks great in the dark too! It was chilly so we all headed inside to the top floor for a drinks reception. Paul entertained us on the piano while we watched guests just enjoying themselves, followed by a big group photo just before dinner.

During dinner, we got to see what entertainment was planned for the evening – not one, but two bands – yes, two! Well, did we really expect anything else!? What we didn’t expect was for one of them to be acapella. A truly unique version of a wedding band, singing and beatboxing classic wedding pop songs, sounding awesome doing it!!! We headed upstairs for some speeches. These saw Robert make a surprise guest appearance as a Pocket Belle (awesome dance moves Rob!). Owain said some lovely words about his new wife, and Rod, some not so nice (but hilarious) words about Owain’s unexpected gym bromance.

The evening

The day was full of surprises. Everyone had been wondering if Hilary was going to sing at her wedding… she didn’t. Just before the first dance however, Owain took to the mic to serenade his wife and busted out some Frank Sinatra. Hilary’s surprised face was amazing! This was followed by a group of friends who’d written a song about Owain. We love things like this – when guests get involved in a wedding and add little personal touches to the day, it makes it all that more special. The evening finished with an awesome function band to party on into the night!

As you can see from the amount I’ve written, we loved this wedding. Hilary and Owain are such a lovely couple. Fact.  It was a pleasure to hang out with them all day and get to know their friends and family. You’re all amazing!

Bride looking down the stairs the bride having her makeup done the mother and father of the bride the bride having her hair done the bride putting her veil in the wedding car arriving at the church the bride looking out the car window the father walking the bride down the aisle the bride and her father walking down the aisle inside the church the bride smiling during the ceremony the bride and groom listening to the singers in the church the bride and groom signing the register the bride and groom wlaking down the aisle the bride and groom laughing the bride and groom and confetti the bride and groom and the bridal party the bride and groom by the car the bride and groom at the west mill the bride and groom in the moonlight the wedding guests on the bus wedding guests enjoying themselves little buy looking out the window the table decs the bride and groom in the west mill the bride and groom with lights the bride and groom with lights the wedding speeches everyone laughing during the weddinfg speeches the groom singing for the bride the bride and groom's first dance the band singing wedding guests dancing wedding guests dancing the wedding band

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