The West Mill Wedding Photos | Maria + Phill

West Mill Wedding venue photos

the bride and groom stood by the river at The West Mill in derby

The West Mill Wedding Photos

When we first met Maria and Phill, it was plain to see that they were great together. Just nice and relaxed and full of fun. We’ve come to learn that anyone getting married at The West Mill in Derbyshire is awesome and Maria and Phil we no exception!

Oddly, I’d photographed the wedding the previous day there at The West Mill, so when I arrived in the morning, there was a strange sense of déjà vu. However, that’s a good thing as we love it there at The West Mill and I could only ever shoot there, I’d be a happy photographer! The buildings are awesome, there are so any little areas inside and out to shoot in, with all sorts of different lighting and from what we’ve seen, the weddings always seem to be fun, happy times, which is all we can ask for. Everything else is a bonus!

We found Maria getting ready upstairs in the bridal dressing room while Phill greeted the guests as they arrived. Time soon flies and it wasn’t long before Maria was being walked down the aisle by her son and before you knew it, Phill gained a gorgeous wife!

In the winter months, we always like to head outside as soon as possible to make the most of the last bit of daylight, so we went for a short walk for a few photos. Now, Maria and Phill had mentioned that they weren’t particularly comfortable having their photo taken – who is, right? But, do you know what? They were amazing in front of the camera. I didn’t have to direct them at all. They just got all wrapped up in being together, chatting away, laughing, smiling and hugging (possibly to keep warm) – they were EASY to photograph and they looked great together. That’s all there is to taking a great photo… All you’ve got to do is just be happy and be nice to each other – simples. You guys nailed it!!

After family photos, it was time to head upstairs for dinner and speeches. After a few embarrassing photos of Phil, it was time to head downstairs where Phil’s band had set up, ready for the first dance. Phil was banned from touching a mixing desk, but I noticed he couldn’t resist a small tinker to perfect the sound, but it didn’t last long as everyone hit the dance floor to party on through the night!

Maria and Phil are such a genuinely lovely couple and we had such a great time with them, their friends and their families.

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