Engagement Shoot, Lichfield | Julia & Richard

Engagement shoot, Lichfield

the couple with lichfield cathedral in the background

Engagement Shoot, Lichfield

We’ve been looking forward to an Engagement Shoot in Lichfield for a while now – it’s such a pretty little town, but not somewhere we know very well despite it being just down the road from us. So it was great to spend some time with Julia & Richard here, wandering by the river, the cathedral and into the town. We really enjoyed our time with them – such  a lovely couple and definitely our type of people as we talked about food and wine for most of the morning; They get extra awesome people points as they have planned their wedding at The West Mill which we LOVE so it couldn’t be better really!

To top off a great morning, we were taking a few photos outside McKenzie’s Restaurant and the owner appeared and invited us in to use his restaurant for some photos and THEN opened a bottle of bubbly and gave the couple a glass each! What a lovely guy!

So here are some of our favourite images, we hope you like them – see you in September!!!

Lichfield_engagement_wedding_photos_0001 Lichfield_engagement_wedding_photos_0002 Lichfield_engagement_wedding_photos_0003 Lichfield_engagement_wedding_photos_0004 Lichfield_engagement_wedding_photos_0005 Lichfield_engagement_wedding_photos_0006 Lichfield_engagement_wedding_photos_0007 Lichfield_engagement_wedding_photos_0008 Lichfield_engagement_wedding_photos_0009 Lichfield_engagement_wedding_photos_0010 Lichfield_engagement_wedding_photos_0011 Lichfield_engagement_wedding_photos_0012 Lichfield_engagement_wedding_photos_0013 Lichfield_engagement_wedding_photos_0014 Lichfield_engagement_wedding_photos_0015 Lichfield_engagement_wedding_photos_0016 Lichfield_engagement_wedding_photos_0017 Lichfield_engagement_wedding_photos_0018 Lichfield_engagement_wedding_photos_0019 Lichfield_engagement_wedding_photos_0020 Lichfield_engagement_wedding_photos_0021 Lichfield_engagement_wedding_photos_0022 Lichfield_engagement_wedding_photos_0023 Lichfield_engagement_wedding_photos_0024 Lichfield_engagement_wedding_photos_0025


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