Calke Abbey Engagement Shoot

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Calke Abbey engagement shoot

This is commitment to the cause – 8:30am on a Sunday morning for Calke Abbey engagement shoot! We must all be mad – but the results are so worth it!

Charlotte & Andrew are getting married next month at the lovely Mythe Barn and they wanted a bit of a practice before the big day. So we chose Calke Abbey as it’s a location that’s close to their hearts, we went for a little wander through the grounds, chatting about their wedding day and everything they have planned. We stopped here and there for a photo but mostly just chatted away. Towards the end of the shoot we went down to the lake too – so many locations to choose from. I must say, I just love the contrast between the gorgeous summer greens and Charlotte’s stunning red hair – so beautiful 🙂

Charlotte and Andrew are a lovely couple and we can’t wait for the wedding! See you soon guys!


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