Alternatives to a boring wedding buffet


You may already know that we are passionate about food, we love it, so anything food related is top of our list! So I wanted to write a post about food for your evening reception which can so easily be so dull and yet still costs a fortune.

You’d like to put on some food for your evening guests and anyone else that’s still peckish from the daytime, BUT if the idea of cold, dried out sandwiches and flaccid sausage rolls bores you to tears then there are other options out there!

We’ve seen so many amazing companies that are so passionate about their food – the quality of it, the freshness; artisan and quirky! Here are a few….

Evening wedding food

We saw these guys at a real foodie wedding at Pimhill Barn in Shropshire. The Original Pattie Men are lovely guys and their burgers are awesome!!

You can see this wedding in full HERE.

Food_for_evening_wedding_reception_something_different_0095 Food_for_evening_wedding_reception_something_different_0094 Food_for_evening_wedding_reception_something_different_0093

evening food for weddings

Hmmmm everyone loves Italian food right? Antipasti is ideal for evening food – this gorgeous selection was put on by Paisley Flour Catering.

You can see the full wedding HERE

Food_for_evening_wedding_reception_something_different_0090 Food_for_evening_wedding_reception_something_different_0091 Food_for_evening_wedding_reception_something_different_0092


Everyone loves fish & chips, so why not have some for evening food – you can even add your favourite extras such as curry sauce or gravy or even a battered sausage!

You can see this wedding in full HERE. The fish & chips were provided by KK Catering

Food_for_evening_wedding_reception_something_different_0096 Food_for_evening_wedding_reception_something_different_0097


This is one you might not have heard of, especially if you’re not from Derbyshire. Pyclets are basically flat crumpets and you can have them with a huge range of toppings from smoked salmon & horseradish, to stilton & walnuts to strawberries & cream. So tasty!

You can see this wedding in full HERE and the pyclets were provided by The Pyclet Parlour

Food_for_evening_wedding_reception_something_different_0101 Food_for_evening_wedding_reception_something_different_0102

hog roast

A good old favourite but tasty non the less. The hog roast is a great option and everyone seems to love it, hot pork with crispy crackling with apple sauce and stuffing. YUM.

Alternative_food_for_weddings_0054 Alternative_food_for_weddings_0055


This is becoming increasingly popular, the wood fired pizza. You can have it served from a cute vintage van like Hettie shown below, or the The Crafted Pizza Company serve from their specially designed trailer or Maxine’s Mobile Pizza serves from a cute bunting covered gazebo!

Food_for_evening_wedding_reception_something_different_0098 Food_for_evening_wedding_reception_something_different_0099 Food_for_evening_wedding_reception_something_different_0100

So….. be different – everyone will love it!!


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