Becky & Dan’s wedding at Branston Golf Club

Becky & Dan

Becky & Dan are such a lovely, chilled out couple and their family made us feel really welcome too!

We found Becky at home, ready and waiting to go before the day had already gotten started – super organised.  We followed them to her mum’s house where Becky put her dress on before heading off to St Marys church in Stretton. It was a bit chilly so we whipped through the family photos in a few minutes so everyone could head back to the golf club for a well deserved drink. With the winter light fading fast, we took the opportunity for a quick wander around the grounds, Ben only narrowly avoided falling in the lake with camera in hand whilst tripping over a tree stump!!

It was such a lovely day and we hope Becky and Dan have an amazing life together! Here are a few of our favourites – Don’t forget to leave Becky & Dan a comment to read at the bottom of the page…

Becky_and_Dan's_wedding_photos_at_Branston_Golf_Club_by_HBA_Photography_page_1 Becky_and_Dan's_wedding_photos_at_Branston_Golf_Club_by_HBA_Photography_page_2 Becky_and_Dan's_wedding_photos_at_Branston_Golf_Club_by_HBA_Photography_page_3 Becky_and_Dan's_wedding_photos_at_Branston_Golf_Club_by_HBA_Photography_page_4 Becky_and_Dan's_wedding_photos_at_Branston_Golf_Club_by_HBA_Photography_page_5 Becky_and_Dan's_wedding_photos_at_Branston_Golf_Club_by_HBA_Photography_page_6 Becky_and_Dan's_wedding_photos_at_Branston_Golf_Club_by_HBA_Photography_page_7 Becky_and_Dan's_wedding_photos_at_Branston_Golf_Club_by_HBA_Photography_page_8 Becky_and_Dan's_wedding_photos_at_Branston_Golf_Club_by_HBA_Photography_page_9 Becky_and_Dan's_wedding_photos_at_Branston_Golf_Club_by_HBA_Photography_page_10 Becky_and_Dan's_wedding_photos_at_Branston_Golf_Club_by_HBA_Photography_page_11 Becky_and_Dan's_wedding_photos_at_Branston_Golf_Club_by_HBA_Photography_page_12 Becky_and_Dan's_wedding_photos_at_Branston_Golf_Club_by_HBA_Photography_page_13 Becky_and_Dan's_wedding_photos_at_Branston_Golf_Club_by_HBA_Photography_page_14 Becky_and_Dan's_wedding_photos_at_Branston_Golf_Club_by_HBA_Photography_page_15 Becky_and_Dan's_wedding_photos_at_Branston_Golf_Club_by_HBA_Photography_page_16 Becky_and_Dan's_wedding_photos_at_Branston_Golf_Club_by_HBA_Photography_page_17 Becky_and_Dan's_wedding_photos_at_Branston_Golf_Club_by_HBA_Photography_page_18 Becky_and_Dan's_wedding_photos_at_Branston_Golf_Club_by_HBA_Photography_page_19 Becky_and_Dan's_wedding_photos_at_Branston_Golf_Club_by_HBA_Photography_page_20 Becky_and_Dan's_wedding_photos_at_Branston_Golf_Club_by_HBA_Photography_page_21 Becky_and_Dan's_wedding_photos_at_Branston_Golf_Club_by_HBA_Photography_page_22 Becky_and_Dan's_wedding_photos_at_Branston_Golf_Club_by_HBA_Photography_page_23

Photography – HBA Photography

The venue – Branston Golf Club

The dress was from –
The shoes were from –
The hair was by Louise from The Salon –
The make-up was by Pippa from Willow Spa –
The cake was by –
The suits were from –
The stationery we made ourselves
The favours were cancer research badges –

Becky & Dan


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